Durbin Creek Ranch

PC Wades Frost

Sun Frost Doc's Jack Frost Doc Bar
Prissy Cline Driftwood Ike
Josephine El
PC Wades World Docs Oaks Sugar Doc's Oak
Miss Sugar Bingo
Cowan Kitten Orphan Drift
Poco Cokey

We have been so impressed with the conformation and athletic ability of the "Wade" colts. We use many of them for our daily ranch activities as well as roping and barrel racing. We are currently keeping many of his daughters for broodmares and they are proving to be great producers. Wade is a great ranch horse himself and also a finished heel horse. 

LZM Brown Conchos-2000 Brown Stallion

Frostys War Chief War Concho War Chief
Brown Beulah
Frostena Frosty Joe
Conchos Lady 025 War Concho War Chief
Brown Beulah
Watch Joy Watch Joe Jack
Joy Pat Star

We have been using "Brownie" for many years now and he has produced us some wonderful ranch horses. They are the kind that will go all day and not quit on you. We have used many of his daughters as broodmares as well.

Tipper Three Leo-1999 Chestnut Stallion

King Tip King King Rio King
Nail's Bailey 2
Second 16 Little King 38
Stripper 3
Leo Sans Lady Luck Leo San Hank Leo San
Hank's Sue
Lucky Nellie 3 Paul Hank
Lucky Nellie

Our first crop of colts by "Tipper" are now two year olds and they are doing great. He has a lot of foot and bone and is very correct and passes this along to his offspring. One of his most valuable traits is his disposition which he most definitely stamps his colts with. So far they have been very quick and athletic.

Gila Drift-2004 Buckskin Stallion

AP Frosty Knight Sun Frost Doc's Jack Frost
Prissy Cline
AP Night Rapid Land
Mary Dokota
Tuf Susy Hancock Guatemala Canal War Concho
Miss Canal
Dry Fork Ada Mr Roan Hancock
Trigs Easy

"Gila" is a large horse standing nearly 16 hands so we get a lot of size in his colts. They are proving to be great ranch horses with a few running barrels as well. Gila is used as a ranch horse and head horse himself. His colts have a lot of action.