Durbin Creek Ranch



Our mares are run outside year round, part of them in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming and part of them in the breaks of Oregon's Hell's Canyon. They are good footed and heavy boned. Many of them are out of a Windchester/Poco Bueno stud and the majority of them go back to two mares that are the basis of our breeding program. Those two mares were Gusdusted bred, him being a full brother to Leo. By crossing these mares on our Driftwood/Sun Frost stallions we have found a horse that is put together tough enough to be a ranch horse without losing their ability to perform!


Breezalita - 1979 Gray Mare [Pedigree]

Barbalita - 1982 Bay Roan Mare [Pedigree]

Dandy Dollita - 1987 Chestnut Mare [Pedigree]

Moons Red Rose - 1999 Red Roan Mare [Pedigree]

Victorialita - 2000 Palomino Mare [Pedigree]

Ready Wood - 2001 Bay Mare [Pedigree]

Hanks Peake Wood - 2001 Bay Mare [Pedigree]

Champion Peake Girl - 2001 Brown Mare [Pedigree]

Pines Cute Drift - 2001 Black Mare [Pedigree]

Brookalita - 2001 Sorrel Mare [Pedigree]

Dollitas Cash - 2001 Red Roan Mare [Pedigree]

DCR Barbra - 2002 Bay Roan Mare [Pedigree]

Lanilita - 2002 Gray Mare [Pedigree]

Windy Wardrift - 2002 Bay Mare [Pedigree]

Penny Pocket Dox - 2002 Bay Mare [Pedigree]

DCR Dandys Roan - 2003 Red Roan Mare [Pedigree]

DCR Stormy Drift - 2003 Bay Mare [Pedigree]

DCR Rose Concho - 2004 Bay Mare [Pedigree]

DCR Belles Conchos - 2005 Bay Mare [Pedigree]

DCR Dusty Conchos - 2006 Gray Mare [Pedigree]

DCR Bessys Concho - 2006 Red Dun Mare [Pedigree]

Pictured Above

DCR Speedy Twist - 2006 Red Dun Mare [Pedigree]

Pictured Above

DCR Wades Wardrift - 2007 Bay Mare [Pedigree]

DCR Angel Wood - 2007 Gray Mare [Pedigree]

DCR Dollywood - 2007 Brown Mare [Pedigree]

DCR Dandywood - 2007 Sorrel Mare [Pedigree]

DCR Oklahoma Frost - 2008 Gray Mare [Pedigree]

DCR Cattle Kate - 2008 Red Dun Mare [Pedigree]

DCR Trillawood - 2008 Black Mare [Pedigree]

DCR Lacywood - 2009 Gray Mare [Pedigree]

Cowgirl Coasten - 2011 Bay Mare [Pedigree]

RDA Fair And Sunny - 2011 Palomino Mare [Pedigree]

Tylalita Two - 1999 Dun Mare [Pedigree]

Fast Hony Butter - 2001 Buckskin Mare [Pedigree]

Snowy River Baylee - 2005 Gray Mare [Pedigree]

DCR Shoshoni Rose - 2008 Brown Mare [Pedigree]

DCR Barbiewood - 2009 Bay Mare [Pedigree]

Conchos Sugar Baby - 2012 Buckskin Mare [Pedigree]

RDA Sweetie Frost - 2012 Bay Mare [Pedigree]

RDA Margarita Frost - 2012 Bay Mare [Pedigree]