Durbin Creek Ranch

Bar-RZ 980 Babe Ruth 48b

Bar-RZ 980 Babe Ruth 48b
CRR Helton 980 GO L18 Excel T31 Go Excel L18
Go MS 3196 Advance R134
CRR 9B Julianne 405 C&L Double Time 452M 9B
CRR D03 Julianne 217
BAR-RZ 72S Waverly 73W Myalta Major 101N Lad 72S Blair - Athol 13K Major 101N
Myalta Kortland 51K Lady 3N
BAR-RZ 88R Tracy 60T BAR-RZ 23M Rembrant 88R
BAR-RZ 39N Robin 32R

BW 4.8 | WW 63 | YW 92 | MILK 26 | SC 0.9 | FAT 0.014

REA 0.30 | MARB 0.09 | BMI $16 | CEZ $12 | BII $13 | CHB $28

Performance and total pounds!

We bought "Babe" from Bar RZ in Alberta after seeing him along side his powerful dam right after he had won Hardisty. He sires lots of early performance and bulls that offer power and ruggedness. Sons are geared towards operations that sell calves off the cow and are looking for pay weight.

NJW  88X 78P Cowboss 199B

Bar-RZ 980 Babe Ruth 48b
NJW 98S R117 Cowboss 199B SHF Rib Eye M326 R117 KCF Bennett 3008 M326
HVH Miss Hudson 83K 8M
NJW 9126J Dew Domino 98S CL 1 Domino 9126J
NJW 57G Dew 5M
NJW BW Ladysport Dew 78P RU 20X Boulder 57G Remitall Keynote 20X
RU 10A Dew 57D
Saddle Vly Ladysport 120 RU Duster 60D
GK Ladysport 131A

BW 2.6 | WW 59 | YW 98 | MILK 37 | SC 0.8 | FAT -0.039

REA 0.81 | MARB 0.14 | BMI $17 | CEZ $13 | BII $12 | CHB $33

The bull for all facets of the industry!

"Cowboss has compiled impressive real world data in our commercial program. Calves come easy, mature early and have a unique ability to convert feed. Sons are stout and economical and daughters have a special look. He is a vey consistent sire. Topped NJW's sale for $47,500 in 2015.

Churchill Manhatten 428B ET

Bar-RZ 980 Babe Ruth 48b
Churchill Sensation 028X UPS Domino 3027 CL 1 Domino 9126J 1ET
UPS Miss Diamond 1353
Churchill Lady 7202T ET GH Rambo 279R
CL 1 Dominette 301N
Churchill Lady 002X ET Golden Oak Outcross 18U Golden-Oak Fusion 3S
Golden-Oak 60D Mallory
Churchill Lady 600S ET BR Moler ET
Churchill Lady 989

BW 0.1 | WW 58 | YW 85 | MILK 38 | SC 1.4 | FAT 0.017

REA 0.20 | MARB 0.23 | BMI $25 | CEZ $24 | BII $19 | CHB $31

Real world calving ease plus performance!

We have used "Manhatten" on over 350 head of yearling heifers and assisted only 1%. The calves are born with tons of vigor and growth and at weaning weigh in the top 30% of their contemporaries. The bulls out of him are moderate, thick and very consistent. The heifers are easy fleshing and should make great cows. High selling bull in Churchill's 2015 sale.

DCR 713 Range Boss 479

Bar-RZ 980 Babe Ruth 48b
DCR Koot 713 UPS Kootenay 3232 1ET Remitall Kootenay 9K
UPS Miss Pure Gold 0613
DH Sweet Honesty 128 BAR JZ Devo 394K
DH Top Scarlet 720
DCR Diana 7020 SB Boomer 14K Remitall Boomer 46B
RWS Miss Vicky 64V
DCR 703 Diana 2008 Marc 9603 Optimum
DCR Diana 5036

CED -0.7 | BW 2.4 | WW 52 | YW 100 | MILK 18 | SC 1.2 | FAT -0.025

M&G 43 | REA 0.39 | MARB 0.01 | BMI $233 | BH $288 | CHB $104

The high selling bull in our 2016 sale, we were lucky enough to retain a piece of him. By 713 and out of the great 7020 cow, he represents the most reliable and proven DCR genetics of the last 20 years. The real world numbers backing him up don't lie. He offers ample early growth coupled with early maturity. Steer calves post impressive rate of gains and the females have a very cowy look to them.