Cattle For Commercial Cowmen From Commercial Cowmen

NO FRILLS - Cattle run out on native grasses in commercial settings on the high desert

NO GIMMICKS - Cows calve in large pastures (3,000 acres) and do it themselves or they are eliminated by nature or management

NO EXCUSES - Entire cow families have been eliminated for prolapse, eye, udder, feet and leg or fleshing ability problems for 40 years

NO SECOND CHANCES - Every cow raises a calf every year period

We calve in April so the females are on green grass. This gives us a better idea of the udder quality of the females and puts less stress on the calves. The females winter out and calve in a 3,000 acre pasture. They are checked once a day by horse. If a cow has calving problems, a calf does not get up and nurse or the cow cannot travel from water hole to water hole, they are eliminated. We run approximately 1,200 head of commercial females that are exposed almost exclusively to Durbin Creek bulls. Like you, these cows are our livelihood. We cannot afford diminished calf crops, low conception rates or poor carcass traits. The registered cow herd was designed with these cows in mind so that we would know in depth the history of the cattle dictating the genetic future of the program. We have retained ownership of our calf crop for 20 years. Extensive carcass and performance data have been compiled over the years.

Weaning Calves 2017